About Me

I grew up on a rural cattle ranch. I attended a one room school house for
k-8 and then had to drive an hour and live in a "big city" of 5000 to go to high school. When I graduated, I moved to Arizona to study Mechanical Engineering. While at school I grew restless and decided to start a robotics company. It eventually morphed into a design consultancy which took off. So, I left school to work work full time as CEO and play with multiple ideas that people had approached me about.

My company Universal Mechanisms LLC designed and prototyped all kinds of things. Smartphone apps, and even a newspaper. We created some ideas independently and others came from external clients. But as the company changed I realized that it needed a better found
ation. So UniMech was shut down and is currently being reorganized and focused into something better.

My Personal Logo
The result is Slant Concepts. Slant is an organization based on product design and micro-production. Slant leverages our networked world and 3-D printing to create and sell products at almost the same cost as large scale manufacturing and retail. However Slant has recently focused on a particular project, Jerry. Jerry is the world's first true robotic butler and he will be released in late 2016

In my spare time I like to write and tinker around with different ideas. Some ideas I might manufacture in small quantities for further exploration. But many just end up as a  prototype in my garage.

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