Saturday, March 1, 2014

Club "Innovation"

This was a club that I started Freshmen Year at Embry-Riddle that was intended to be a lot like Benjamin Franklin's Junto. It would be a group of like-minded people that would be able to meet and share and pursue ideas  that they as individuals couldn't do. It was meant to be a way to pool resources and be able to allow people to make their ideas a reality.
While to me it was a good idea it just didn't get the response that it needed to continue. This was partially my fault because I didn't have crystal clear direction for the club and screwed up how it was supposed to operate. But there was also just a limit of interest from the student body that made it difficult for it to be a worthwhile use of my time. But with that said, if I have time again and a few more friends that would be willing to help with it I would start it back up again.

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