Monday, April 14, 2014

Power Claw

The Power Claw was an early prototype for an ultra-strong prosthetic/exoskeletal hand. It had over 100 lbs of gripping force using the simple linear actuator assembly. It was made from solid steel which made it far too heavy to be usable, but I was able to get a feel for the proportions and the effectiveness of the gripper arrangement.

This type of prosthetic, once fully developed, is for those who wish to have an extremely active and dirty lifestyle. Most prosthetics today are dexterous by very delicate. I wanted to work on the other end of the spectrum for those who will want to ride snowmobiles and work in construction.

The Power Claw would also be useful as a kind of "metal glove" for those that want to have a tougher hand for certain jobs.

I intend to re-work this hand in machined aluminum. I've also have found linear actuators that are faster, stronger, and more compact. This prototype will probably be added to the SPExs suit prototype.

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