Monday, August 25, 2014

Slant Concepts

Slant is the reincarnated version of Universal Mechanisms. While still basically in development we are operating with what we have.

Slant is a product micro-production and development firm. We focus on the creation of a quantity of ideas instead of a quantity of product units. Meaning we like to try one thing and if it doesn't work we move on to the next. Instead of working to develop the "One-Hit Wonder" of products we work to create good products for niche markets. We are the opposite of the mass production model.

Since Slant is based on micro-production we focus on the creation of products that can be stored digitally, which eliminates the need to store physical inventory. This means that we do a lot of 3-D printing and self-publishing. Something is made when it is purchased.

I currently run Slant alone from a dorm room. But when I need help I bring in friends and free-lancers. I suppose that 'we' is really just the rolodex of people that have helped when Slant was UniMech and will be helping with the development of Slant in the future.

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